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We welcome you to our website. The offers of the joint-stock company Global EnerTec AG combine innovative technologies with unique german OEM quality.

Our innovative research center carries out own developments in the areas of renewable energy and in the processing of different types of organic waste. We offer our customers complex tailor-made and ready to use technological solutions.

Familiarize yourself with our innovative technology for the recycling of industrial and household waste (GTT) technology, learn more about our method for recycling polystyrene, and our innovative technology for the utilization of flue gases and fumes. The Global EnerTec AG undertakes research activities in many areas that are considered at the present time as a priority.

Our technologies have been developed to contribute to the solution of some global problems of humanity:


  • Processing of various kinds of organic waste (household and industrial waste, used tires and all kinds of rubber residues, waste from the electronics recycling, plastic waste, petroleum coke, etc. to produce high-caloric gas, high-quality and clean oil, activated coke and fertilizers


  • Reduction of smoke and pollution of the atmosphere by processing of flue gases to produce combustible gases with a high calorific value and fertilizers


  • Reduction in the number of landfills by more use of waste materials that have been deposited to produce energy etc.


  • These technologies work free of harmful substances and are connected with zero emissions.

We would like to offer you in the mentioned areas technological solutions for your problems. Any of the above technologies or projects is unique - and still sees itself as a customized solution in accordance with the conditions and requirements of our customers.

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