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At present we can offer our customers three different patented, innovative technologies for industrial applications:


  • Catalytic degassing technology for the production of high caloric gas, clean oil (liquid fuel), activated coke and fertilizers from organic waste: GlobaTec -method
  • Chemical processing of flue gas to combustible gases and fertilizers
  • Methods for chemical recycling of styrofoam and similar substances as starting materials for plastics industry

These technologies are the result of years of research and development and are a technological breakthrough in the emission-free and environmentally friendly recycling of organic waste and not their elimination. The versatility and flexibility of our know-how allow us and require to offer an individual approach to the needs of each client.

Our target audience (customers) are all industrial and commercial producers, waste processing companies and landfills, municipalities, provinces, states with their environmental problems (such as landfill reduction, recovery of hazardous pollutant-containing waste and that with a substantial economic income). With our GlobaTec and CO2 technologies, we can put completly new standards in the fields of environmental protection and pollution, because these technologies are classified as recovery and not as a disposal method.

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