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Method for the chemical recycling of polystyrene materials


Short description:


  1. Styrofoam materials are crushed to approximately 10 cm and passed in the reactor. For dirty Styrofoam materials, this method is not recommended. 
  2. Styrofoam materials are sprayed into the main reactor with solvent at about 80-85 ° C.
  3.  The dissolved materials are smuggled out in form of a saturated polystyrene mass from the reactor to a processing stage.
  4. During the treatment the solvent is evaporated.
  5. After cooling the vapors of the solvent used solvent are produced, which can be used for liquefaction. The lost amounts of solvents can be supplemented by new solvent.
  6. After the treatment, we additionally get the product "Hard polystyrene".  Hard polystyrene can be used as raw material for new plastic products.
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