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Chemical processing of flue gas to combustible gases and fertilizers


This technology offers the possibility, to process flue gases (including CO2 and especially NOx) energetically and materially. Through a catalytic treatment in several stages fertilizers are obtained. With using of hydrogen, which can be obtained environmentally friendly and cost-effective with means of photovoltaics and electrolysis, can be produced inflammable gases (methane) and can be used to generate energy.


Advantages of the CO2 technology

The biggest advantage of our revolutionary technology is the solution to one of the greatest environmental challenges facing our planet. The system prevents the emission of CO2 and flue gas into the atmosphere and utilizes the flue gases for energy.

The CO2 and flue gas treatment facility is distinguished in particular by the fact that they all can be set up locally, where CO2 and flue gas discharges are formed.

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