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GlobaTec  technology (GTT)


The GTT is the innovative solution for the decentralized generation of energy (gas, oil, heat, electricity) and of fertilizers. In line with our patent organic waste (sorted household and commercial waste, all plastics, wood, paper, textiles, rubber, etc.) catalytically are processed to high-calorific gas, clean oil, activated coke and fertilizers.


Currently, such waste is disposed in dependence of the pollutant content, especially chlorine, in power plants or in incinerators. Both the thermal, as well as the electrical efficiency are very low for this type of disposal (incineration), so that the economy will suffer. Furthermore, in the conventional methods incur enormous costs for flue gas cleaning.


The utilization of these organic wastes can be performed by our patent economic and cleaner.

The method is a catalytic indirect heating (no pyrolysis and not combustion) of the organic waste at about 450 to 550 ° C. This results in about 80% raw gas and about 20% raw coke. The raw gas is catalytically purified to clean gas and oil. The raw coke is catalytically activated to activated coke. Approx. 20% of the gas produced is used internally for heating. Gas and oil can be used for energy (heat, electricity). The activated carbon is used as a filter material for the treatment of waste water, as well as filter material for purifying flue gas or dirty gas. From the gas-, coke- and water treatment process are indirectly produced fertilizer (N-P-K).


Presentation "GlobaTec technology"

 Advantages of this method:


  • Uncomplicated design. From an input of 0.5 t / h, the technology can be operated economically. With combustion, you can work efficiently only from 10 t / 
  • Decentralized deployment option. To ensure that this waste tourism is avoided
  • Emission-free exhaust. Above all, there are no chlorinated dioxins and furans
  •  No wastewater problems
  • No residual materials. In incinerators hazardous waste must be disposed very expensive
  • The thermal efficiency is between 75-78%


A basic problem with alternative method is too high cost for the pre-sorting of the input material, since there are very stringent requirements for purity. For example, paper is considered bothersome. The GTT works with pre-sorted household waste to be sorted out from the only such materials as glass, metal, stones, etc.


Furthermore, the comparison methods have all problems with the degree of load of the input material with chlorine. This stress plays almost no role in the GTT.


Thus, in the comparison processes a part of the input materials must be purchased expensive. In the GTT, the user receives a fee for the assumption of the input materials (it depends on the local regulations).


We offer interested parties in our process that they in can check in our Innovation and Research Center for Energy and Recycling in Guben the provided input materials on the usability with our method (input test). The interested party receives as a result of this testing a precise energy and mass balance, with which he can make his decision on the suitability of the method for its economic and environmental goals.

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